Ultra‐Compact Pick & Place Depalletiser for jars

Gantry type Cartesian de‐palletiser with compact footprint, suitable for handling cylindrical or rectangular glass & plastic jars.
Featured with light‐weight aluminium made axis carriages making the machine agile, fast and saving power. Two‐stage telescopic vertical arm is provided to reduce the machine overall height.

All 4 cartesian axis are powered by vector type frequency inverters and controlled by absolute type encoders. Machine equipped with vacuum operated gripper head, including the facility for auto removal of separators between layers.
Featured with four‐side layer centring device to ensure a perfect picking.

Manual adjustment required at the product format changeover. ‐ Quick operation with no need of tools. Containers outfeed conveyors with bulk output or aligned on single stream.

Standard pallet sizes 1000 x 1200mm and/or 800 x 1200mm up to 1.4m tall
Output: up to 6 cycles/minute (*)
High speed version available, equipped with Servo motors and digital drives
Output: up to 8 cycles/minute (*)

Basic version with 1 or 2 de‐palletising stations on the floor and manual pallet change. Option with FULLY SAFE NON‐STOP feature at the manual pallet change.

(*) Mechanical speed. The output speed in jars per minute depends from the product dimensions and pallet format. Call us for more information.


Machine overall view


Layers centre device


Vacuum type gripper head for glass or plastic jers


Version with 2 de‐palletising station and safe non‐stop feature at manual pallet change

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