Layer type Palletiser
High Level Infeed
Multi-product feature

Automatic high‐level infeed layer type palletiser with steady pallet, suitable for handling RSC cases and shrink‐ wrapped packs.
Featured with automatic adjustment at both pack and pallet format changeover.
Product infeed conveyor designed with indexing belt so that packs stops are not needed.

Layer forming device with four‐side controlled guides, and release shutter opening to 2 sides from the centre. Equipped with pallet conveyors, empty pallet destacker and if required device for pads insertion between layers.

Standard pallet sizes 1000 x 1200mm and 800 x 1200mm up to 2.0m tall.
Output: Single infeed = up to 42 packs/minute
Available with twin infeed system to achieve high throughputs.
Output: Twin infeed = up to 65 packs/minute (*)

(*) Indicative figures. Speed dependant from pack dimensions and pallet pattern required. Call us for more information.

Also available with Multi‐product feature for either single or twin infeed.
This version is equipped with pallet shuttle car, switching the pallets at the loading station. This configuration requires an earlier pack buffer with at least 2 layers of product.


Machine overall view


Twin infeed version – Metering belts and rows pusher


Option – Glue application for pallet stabilization


Layer pads inserter with sheets storage


Multi‐product version with pallet shuttle car


Option – Double sheets storage

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